Thank you for visiting my artist web site.   A little about my painting technique. When I'm painting abstracts I paint in a "process style" which means I can start to paint with no particular subject in mind.  Often I have specific colors I want to explore. I'm interested in the paint itself, how it blends, the light and dark of spaces. In oils I love the dramatic light and dark or oscuro(shadows). The softness against the hard space. With acrylic it's a totally different experience in that the process, often times colors are allowed to converge in wet over dry paint methods.   Usually there are many layers before I consider it finished.  

My  Icon paintings are painted on canvas in oils, not the traditional egg tempera on wood.  I like the byzantine orthodox icon styles.  

My oils generally take a month or more to complete depending on the size.  

Feel free to contact me through my contact page.